Ranging from Pocket squares, ties, socks, bow ties, hats, grooming and more. You get a good understanding of the importance of these goods to your wardrobe.

tote holdall vivienne westwood


The tote/ holdall bag is a relatively new addition to menswear fashion and it is one that a few men still find unmanly. However, they are grossly misunderstood! The tote is one of the most fashionable and comfortable bags a man could possible carry as it is highly spacious and strongly complements any outfit due to its size and shape….

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semblance of spring

Semblance of Spring

Spring is a really exciting season as it allows you evolve your layerings with bold and strong colours, which adds a summery spark to them. I am certainly disappointed to have missed out on London Fashion Week but I must say I am really impressed by the bright colours used in subtle and minimalistic ways. I am also intrigued by the…

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tonal dressing

Tonal Dressing Paired With Complementary Colours

In the past two years, tonal dressing has become more of a menswear staple as it is an elegant way to remain stylish, especially for those who don’t favour patterns and colour overload. Tonal dressing is about wearing the same colour in different shades from head to toe which in its own is the style couture.   Simplicity offers a…

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statement socks

Statement Socks and Tassel Loafers with a Suit

Introduction We all know that tassel loafers have a strong allure to menswear due to the versatility and comfort it brings to an outfit without compromising style. They work with smart casuals, dinner/party wears and business attire but the latter is still not easily embraced by the majority of men from my opinion. And even those who combine both still…

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British Country Style: Style from a different Perspective.

When you hear countryside, you might think of farms, landscape, animals, rural activities and more. But one aspect I highly respect about the British countryside men are their great sense of style. They resurged fabrics which were seen as dull or cheap into the sophisticated and unique items in a man’s wardrobe.  Such items include your tweeds, knits, quilts and so on….

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LFW Day 1: Vintage Classic Style

The London Fashion Week(LFW)  is an exhibition event for mostly british brands to showcase their latest collections and the new fashion trends for the upcoming season/ year. It is one of my favourite events on the calendar year as I draw inspiration from the public and the brands themselves on the various items that remain timeless classic. With just a little…

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The Fedora On a Suit

Not until the start of 2013, I hadn’t paid much attention to adding headwear to my formal looks. I usually stuck with the common accessories which go from the neck downwards. I then came across the Fedora hat which was racing back into fashion after its 19th century prime, often worn by the gangsters, businessmen, and tv stars. I am a…

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