LFW Day 1: Vintage Classic Style

The London Fashion Week(LFW)  is an exhibition event for mostly british brands to showcase their latest collections and the new fashion trends for the upcoming season/ year. It is one of my favourite events on the calendar year as I draw inspiration from the public and the brands themselves on the various items that remain timeless classic. With just a little tweak or reinvention, these minor changes allow such versatile and unique creations remain in the fashion/style world for many years to come.

Being a blogger who encourages timeless style or classics that are still relevant or have resurged from years ago, my attire choice for the day had to be the reinvented 1940’s typical menswear look, mixed with a bit of modern style and fit – A true vintage classic style.


Double-Breasted Blazer

It is known that the suits made in those days were designed for men to feel above the world and what better part of the suit could do so than the jacket. Camel is one of the most preferred and stylish colour trends in men’s fashion, making it the perfect colour to demand respect and appreciation towards my classic double-breasted blazer. The low peaked lapel emphasises the vintage detail of the blazer, giving the look some balance. It also highlights the well draped shoulders.

If the vintage double-breasted blazer isn’t enough of a statement, the golden buttons do that justice as it adds a bit of character and sharpness to the blazer but I suggest you keep such buttons for casual looks. Modern style also asks for you to leave your top buttons unfastened and on a 6-buttoned blazer, only the middle button should be fastened – This allows for comfort and doesn’t harm your style.


Panama Hat

The Panama hat is of South American origin designed many years back, making it a classic piece as it’s still worn today. It’s a popular menswear item which added a summery yet elegant feel to the look, the colour also complemented the upper body items. Thanks to the tan ribbon, it was a seamless blend with the blazer, shirt and tie, avoiding any colour upsets.


Checked Shirt

It is quite obvious that the theme was to make use of different shades of brown, which in its own is a difficult task as such dull colour can lessen an outfit. So my only choice was to go with a check brown shirt as it evolves the outfit to a modern creation with added detail.


Turn-Up Trousers

An interesting take to this look is the pair of trousers worn. It might not be instantly obvious but your lower body choice has a significant effect on your entire outfit as it is the longest and easily analysed part of the outfit. So with so much going on already, I had to relax the aesthetic with a slim fit turn-up grey trousers which embodies everything classic from the fit to the trouser hem.



I opted for a plain woven tie with a subtle feel to it as not only does it add a smooth touch to the look but it easily compliments the vibrant feel added by the shirt, with the timeless and sophisticated style encapsulated in it.



Lastly, with all the brown colour shades and different patterns used on the upper body, I decided to wear a pair of fringed tassel loafers by Cole Haan. Not much needs to be said about these shoes as the fringe mixed with tassels are a true representation of a simple, adaptable and elegant footwear. These shoes are perfect on almost any outfit as the black colour settles with anything. Its shiny texture allows for an obvious attraction from the human eye.


To close – This was a true experiment which focused on timeless style that could be worn by the everyday man with enough character and detail to be worthy of appearing at the London Fashion Week. Considering this, I would like your opinion on the outfit as well as different ways you could alter the look to best suit your style. Remember, the entire outfit should be the focal point.


What I am Wearing:


Your Favourite Stylist,
Yinka Jermaine

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