Every advice and knowledge you need to know on the perfect suit type, size fit and combinations.

flannel suit

The Corporate Man: A Flannel Take to Spring

Flannel is one fabric Ive been meaning to discuss on the blog for a while now. So I had to commission another piece for myself to better understand and appreciate this intriguing wool fabric in a piece that could yet again become staple to my sartorial wardrobe. Unlike the usual worsted wool cloth, which many are familiar (most common cloth…

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brown suit

Mr Modish: Exploring the versatility of a Brown Suit

When you talk about versatility, workable and coordination in your wardrobe, you MUST always think about neutral colours. When you own staple garments in neutral colours, they become the foundation to your sartorial wardrobe. The true gem about neutrals are that they are a base to allow for a more interesting and exploratory colours. And when you talk neutral, nothing…

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corporate with a statement

Mr Modish: Corporate with a Statement

Mr. Modish – a persona defined to represent the individual who is unapologetically explorable with colour and patterns, yet maintains an elegant and timeless aura that is not dictated by trends. From a colour perspective, which mostly dictates whether a look can fall within the Modish persona, it is usually because it relates to working with secondary and tertiary colours….

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midweek boardroom magic

Corporate Man: Midweek Boardroom Magic

On the Corporate Man series today, I am talking through a suitable look for an important/high profile occasion at the office, post Monday/Tuesday. One I like to call the Midweek Boardroom Magic! As discussed multiple times on the blog, the importance of dressing right and commanding for an important meeting or presentation should never be underestimated. If anything, it should…

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late summer getaway

Late Summer Getaway

I get a lot of queries from readers, friends and clients on assembling a summer suiting outfit. Especially those suitable for summer getaways to cooler countries, once the traditional British weather kicks in. Often, the conversation begins with understanding their sartorial needs whilst on holiday. To which most reply with – casual evening dinners or smart beach events etc. With…

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Classic Three-Piece Suit

Corporate Man: Classic three-piece suit

In terms of suiting, navy is the equivalent of black. Not only does it pair perfectly with everything, it is multifariously suitable for all characters, skin tones, and personalities. It’s also the best hype man for many colours without outdoing them. Again, when it comes to complementarity and versatility, the prospect of this colour is limitless. Albeit, as a rule…

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tan suit

Expanding Your Sartorial Wardrobe With A Tan 2-Piece Suit

Upper-toned shades of brown are one of the best ways to transition into the Spring/Summer season. For this reason, today I’ll be talking about tan. Tan, remains one of my favourite colours and it is one of the most-adaptable colours for different skin tones. Upper-toned browns, in particular tan, provide an expansion to basic wardrobe colours, (i.e. blues and greys)…

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Sartorial Touch: Green and Blue Pairings

Blue, one of the most common colours in the spectrum of a man’s wardrobe is highly ubiquitous in sartorial staples and it also remains one of the ‘safest’ colour choices for all skin tones. Thus 70% of men have been seen to opt for navy blue suits when making their first purchase. For this reason, it is has become our…

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lazy blues

Lazy Blues: Alternative Look to a Three Piece Suit.

Within menswear, there are certain staples a man must have in his wardrobe. One being a classic Tuxedo and another being a three piece suit. Both suitable for formal settings which a modern man experiences at least twice in a year. Focusing on a custom tailored three piece business suit, it is a look that gives the feel of a…

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Revise Your Style: Creative Black Tie

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the dress code “black tie” but many don’t really understand what it means beyond its formal connotations and its association with tuxedos and utmost formality. Kudos to those who are able to note that some of the pointers I’ve just stated are wrong about the dress code “black tie”, and I’ll give…

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