What inspired you to start a mens style blog?

Growing up in a family that had style embedded into our beliefs, mainly due to the fact my mum a owned a retail clothing store.  Looking good and owning a style became an obsession for me  and maintained it through the years, switching my style during that period.

This made me the style icon amongst school mates and most especially grew at university with many of my mates and strangers coming to me for style advice, I also had the pleasure of styling friends for events or concerts. I then took it upon myself to create a site that gives as much advice on men style as possible and most especially, advice, guides and tips that will help create and develop your personal style.

Also, I want to challenge myself to professionally take up a hobby and use it for the benefit of myself and others.

What do you believe differs your blog from others?

In all honesty , the most important aspect is the drive to portray the importance of being unique and comfortable with your style. I want to make the blog as realistic as possible by taking it a step further with interviews with fashion icons and stylist. I believe this will give them more depth and a better understanding of the contents and posts on the blog.

What type of clothing match your style?

I have fallen in love with timeless designs as I dont believe in slaving to fashion trends and seasons, Ill rather incorporate into them. I see my style as a mixture of classic and modern wear which mostly consist of formal and smart casual clothing items.

What are your favourite colours on clothes?

I mean I am very adventurous, maybe my body shape allows many colours blend nicely on me but if I had to choose first and foremost, it will be all shades of blue. Then I can say my next favourites are white, black, pink, khaki,  shades of green and all shades of brown.

What type of brands do you aim to promote?

Due to my alliances Nigeria and England, I am to specialise in all men fashion brands and styles from these two countries. Also help to promote most brands established or upcoming from the two countries also. Don’t get me wrong though, I wont limit my advice to just these two.

Why are there mostly British brands in the shopping bible?

I am extremely interested in the British fashion culture and brands and I believe their designs and production are of the best quality out there, if not the best.

I also shop frequently at almost all the brands listed there or have done a good amount of research on them.