Our Terms

To keep Yinka Jermaine running in a simple and efficient manner, I need to set some rules and disclaimers which can be seen below.


Most Photo on this website are taken by professional members of my team,which will clearly be credited on every post on the site and for any image not credited are taken by me. To answer the popular question… you are all very welcome to use any photos from this website as long as they are not used for commercial purposes and they must be credited with a link back to Yinka Jermaine.
Any photos that have not been taken by my team shall be credited with a link back to the source which will be made very clear in the posts. If you own the copyright to any images featured on this website and would like them taken down, please feel free to contact me immediately on contact@yinkajermaine.com. (Please allow a timeframe of 24-48 hours).

Brand Advice

Through this website, you will come across reviews and reccommendations on various brands, products and trends. I can assure you that I only give advice or references to brands I myself wear or own products from and will not propose any suggestions due to monetary reasons between myself and a third party. Any brand product I don’t own , I have conducted an intense research and review of their products or have members of my team who are their frequent customers.

Post Integrity

As earlier mentioned every post on the site is written and reviewed by Yinka Jermaine (myself) and at instances when there are sponsored posts or article collaborations, they will be clearly stated in the title of the post and credited to the sponsor or collaborator. For more information on this please email me here(enquiries@yinkajermaine.com). To calm your nerves, collaborator posts will still be reviewed by myself before posting in order to adhere with our standards and any sponsored posts will be written and reviewed by myself regardless of the brand.

Legal terms

YinkaJermaine.com is not responsible for any content on linked websites. You are also fully responsible for all your activities with relation to the usage of this website.


Thank you for visiting Yinka Jermaine and we hope you have enjoyed your time and most importantly made use of the content I provide.