Privacy Policy is devoted to the protection and value of our readers privacy. Our policy clearly states that any personal data collected by us or provided by you will only be processed by Yinka Jermaine and will not be shared to any third-part under any circumstances, unless specifically requested by you.If you have any further questions regarding your personal data and how it is used, please contact me at

Below are ways in which your datas is collected:

1. Through the contact form on the website, we may keep your data as well as a record of the conversation. Such data is usually used to develop the FAQ pages as well as the structure of the site.

2. Data is also collected through comments on articles, any forum or newsletter from the website, any competitions run by Yinka Jermaine, as well as any forms of registeration to

3. I will also use details to track traffic, location,communication data which again will only be used as an analytical scheme to improve the website and its contents.

I am very much interested in making this a medium for communication between me and you readers, which is extended to my social media presence, but to keep us all comfortable and secure without any complications, any user or reader who intends to use this as a medium for antisocial activities shall be barred and have all of their comments removed immediately.
Thank you for visiting Yinka Jermaine and we hope you have enjoyed your time and most importantly made use of the content I provide.