warm season, warm colours

Warm Season, Warm Colour: Sharp Understated Look

The warm season is upon us which brings a lot of delight and excitement to people, especially my UK people as you’ll understand if you are from here. Its a time of freedom and endless trips, letting loose and absorbing the exuberant season. I have taken advantage of the season, letting it convey in my sartorial looks by using warm…

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tan suit

Expanding Your Sartorial Wardrobe With A Tan 2-Piece Suit

Upper-toned shades of brown are one of the best ways to transition into the Spring/Summer season. For this reason, today I’ll be talking about tan. Tan, remains one of my favourite colours and it is one of the most-adaptable colours for different skin tones. Upper-toned browns, in particular tan, provide an expansion to basic wardrobe colours, (i.e. blues and greys)…

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Everyone Needs Something Gingham

As the end of the winter season draws to an end and the days become noticeably longer, the first signs of springtime are finally being ushered in. Although we no longer leave our homes when its dark, we still have to brace the cold. Thus, it makes sense to remain ahead of the curve with your sartorial wardrobe reflecting gearing…

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gold in the dirt

Gentleman Defined: Aim For The Gold in The Dirt

The modern gentleman should not be solely defined by the clothes he wears. For this reason, I continuously point out to all of you, especially to those of you who know me personally that one of the key things about my style goes beyond clothes. The clothes you wear should be a reflection of your culture, persona as well as…

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adjusting your lighter colours

Adjusting your Lighter Colours to the Season

For the typical gentleman, certain colours reflect seasonal trends. You tend to see more pastel colours worn during the summery/spring period and the darker/earthly tones throughout the winter and autumn season. Its a trend that has been intrinsic in fashion for a very long time, as it stems from us mirroring and reflecting our changing surroundings. We represent these changes…

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Sartorial Touch: Blue Oceans

A gentleman should never fail to seize the opportunity to make an impression with his outfit. This is what we consider the true meaning of making “first impressions count”. In some situations, for instance, when making a speech or seeking positions in a selective group or even entry into certain locations, your appearance heavily influences your approach as well as…

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sartorial summer

Sartorial Summer: How to Stay Suited Through the Heat

To my dapper-infused gents, I am confident that you now understand how to remain stylish and tailored in the heat. Nonetheless, there is still one slight aspect that remains and needs addressing; ‘there are events and occasions with a sense of formality which still require a form of suiting.’ Although this holds to be true, we still encounter some difficulty…

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classic contemporary

Crafting a Classic Contemporary Outfit to Sparkle the Season

One key aspect to tailoring is its lineage from the 1920’s where the “lounge suit” was developed, into what we now just call the “suit” in todays world. It was a subtle casual transition from a more formal touch in the “morning suit” that was standard in the earlier years. The suit has evolved in many ways to accommodate the…

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Linen Overcoat

Linen Overcoat Episode 3: The Business Man

One thing that my last two posts have highlighted is that the linen overcoat is comfortably suited to out of office attire. However, you’ve consistently come across the word ‘versatility’ which leads to my post today. This overcoat is as suitable for work as it is for drinks or weekend getaways. And if you’re indeed looking for a new way…

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linen overcoat

Linen Overcoat Episode 2: Weekend Smart Casual

I always stress the importance of having an adaptable wardrobe pinned with versatile and staple items as it magically quadruples your clothing options. This Linen overcoat is a perfect example of a versatile and unorthodox staple item to your wardrobe that gives you the option of easily crafting an outfit for diverse events. This is due to its fit, timelessness,…

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