linen overcoat

Linen Overcoat Episode 1 : Blending Earthly Tones

There are four main aspects to this outfit that were considered to achieve the look. The colours used, the season its for,the overall outfit composition and the fit. These are aspects you must always reflect on when deciding on your outfits, that is if you aim to achieve an immaculate look on a consistent basis. However, there is an added…

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Summer Smart Casual

Ideal Summer Smart Casual

Smart Casual is a term used all too often. We mostly associate it with any outfit that is just a touch less formal than your typical business attire. It is often identified by a blazer over an oxford buttoned down shirt with chinos or jeans. Nevertheless, despite the cliche use of term branding all clothing just short of a suit,…

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double breasted pairing

Double-Breasted Pairing: Tailored Dandy

As you can probably tell by now, a few of my favourite staple items are the Fedora, Sunglasses and Double breasted pieces. I believe they compliment my bodily features. The double breasted bodice extenuated my build, and the Fedora serves to rather flatteringly frame my face. The outfit is completed to perfection with a pair of sunglasses to bring that…

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