summer sweltering

Staying Smart in the Swelter

Recently, I had a private fitting with a very dear client of ours at a formal location, which was also heeded by a formal event. Thus, I planned to dress sharp enough to suit both occasions.Taking into consideration that it was a summertime weekend, I wanted to ensure my outfit was befitting. However, I wasn’t keen on rocking up in…

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warm season, warm colours

Warm Season, Warm Colour: Sharp Understated Look

The warm season is upon us which brings a lot of delight and excitement to people, especially my UK people as you’ll understand if you are from here. Its a time of freedom and endless trips, letting loose and absorbing the exuberant season. I have taken advantage of the season, letting it convey in my sartorial looks by using warm…

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Sartorial Touch: Blue Oceans

A gentleman should never fail to seize the opportunity to make an impression with his outfit. This is what we consider the true meaning of making “first impressions count”. In some situations, for instance, when making a speech or seeking positions in a selective group or even entry into certain locations, your appearance heavily influences your approach as well as…

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sartorial summer

Sartorial Summer: How to Stay Suited Through the Heat

To my dapper-infused gents, I am confident that you now understand how to remain stylish and tailored in the heat. Nonetheless, there is still one slight aspect that remains and needs addressing; ‘there are events and occasions with a sense of formality which still require a form of suiting.’ Although this holds to be true, we still encounter some difficulty…

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Hello Summer, Hello Linens

Gentlemen, summer is pretty much here! This calls for large-scale change of  both style and texture of our outfits. For those gentlemen who are highly suit-focused and spend the majority of your days in tailored outfits you might be used to this season’s struggle; from removing jackets to unknotting ties. Although this look could work, we could sometimes end up looking…

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Summer Style Pattern

Style your Summer with Patterns

Its an impeccable feature of the British seasons that affords us the opportunity of an extended period of daylight in the summer months. With these additional ‘light’ hours in the day, it gets us in the mood for those one-time-a-year barbecues and festivals. Nonetheless, despite the unpredictable nature of the Great British weather, its heartening to know that with the…

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London to Las Vegas

London To Las Vegas

Holidays are a big thing to me and something I do indeed look forward to every year. I’ve visited a number of places around the world and certainly many states across the United States of America. And for a full packaged holiday, nothing eclipses the states, not the mention Las Vegas. It is known as the fast life city and…

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simple touch: colourful

Simple Touch: Colours

Have you realised that it is always most difficult to replicate your style level during the summer compared to that of the colder seasons. This is as a result of the less layers required at summer and the more use of basic garments. There is only so much design and creativity that can be put into a t-shirt, shorts and…

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tote holdall vivienne westwood


The tote/ holdall bag is a relatively new addition to menswear fashion and it is one that a few men still find unmanly. However, they are grossly misunderstood! The tote is one of the most fashionable and comfortable bags a man could possible carry as it is highly spacious and strongly complements any outfit due to its size and shape….

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