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Denim on Denim: Day to the Rodeo

One style trend people are not comfortable following or aren’t aware on how to pull it off is the denim on denim trend.  Admittedly, not the easiest trend at first thought as you can either get it completely wrong or spot on. But I really love this combination as it has no limits once you understand a few rules behind it. The…

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Purple Heaven: Print Trousers

Purple Heaven is pretty much about the print trousers used in the outfit, the rest of the look was based on these trousers. Being of Nigerian decent and a true fan of one of the country’s great idols “Fela Anikulpo Kuti”, there is a true affection for print trousers within. As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, I really emphasise…

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Double-Breasted Blazer: Mandatory Addition To Your Wardrobe

One of my favourite items in a stylish man’s wardrobe is a Double-Breasted Blazer because of the level at which it enhances your appearance. It’s an enchanting item with a lot of tradition to it, making it a quintessential men’s style example.  I must confess, one reason I love England is the fact you get the opportunity to wear jackets almost…

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From Work to Drinks

It is highly important to be mentally versatile with your wardrobe as you can easily redefine your clothes or pick out adaptable looks that can accommodate more than one occasion. One of the most frequent situations is the transition from work to drinks. I can assume that most Fridays, people head over to the office knowing they have a date…

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LFW Day 1: Vintage Classic Style

The London Fashion Week(LFW)  is an exhibition event for mostly british brands to showcase their latest collections and the new fashion trends for the upcoming season/ year. It is one of my favourite events on the calendar year as I draw inspiration from the public and the brands themselves on the various items that remain timeless classic. With just a little…

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Style Classic – The Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is a perfect example of a “style classic” as it has successfully been around for many years. It’s also one of the most worn and purchased items in a man’s wardrobe, guys who pay attention to their style and the guys who just wear clothes. But it’s not as simple to nail the polo as it is with…

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Light Blue Blazer? Why Not

In all honesty,it’s definitely not an easy decision to make when considering the main questions you ask yourself before shopping investment shopping. I will recall those questions again in which you can reference to this post How many ways can I wear this? Does this adhere with my style or can it make it into my wardrobe? How long can…

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Casually White

The White Blazer is one of my versatile blazers. It’s a no-no for so many and I’ll like to show you why it should be a definite yes for everyman, regardless of your skin-tone! White blazers are perfect for any season, they can be worn in summer to embrace the season or even during fall to light up the dull and…

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Uptown Denim

One thing the every man has in his wardrobe are a pair of denim jeans. But that’s probably all the denim he has going, and that really is a massive mistake as denim is a perfect example of timeless style. You should have as much denim as you can, jeans, trousers, jackets, shorts. But one true menswear essential is the denim…

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Long Day At The Park

Wireless 2014 – 12 hour event. I’m pretty sure most people know about Wireless as well as the English weather. I must say, the two don’t go well together considering the length of the event and UK’s unpredictable weather, it’s just a massive pain knowing exactly what to wear to such. In all honesty, there isn’t a definite look or…

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