Exquisite Pocket Square Folds

“Small But Mighty” –  The best way to describe pocket squares. The reason for this is cause of the small area it takes up in your look and the major impact it can give to that look. The pocket square on its own can take your outfit from a decent rating to perfection, especially when it blends and sits well.

That saying of “accessories are the details that make your outfit” has been widely accepted by men but then it’s also been slightly abused as people just use pocket squares for the sake of it, without any attention to the style and fit to really complement the look. Such behaviour could send this wonderful accessory back to the grave.

The pocket square should be an eye attraction and should be one of the finishing touches to your suit or blazer. It shouldn’t be the distraction or odd feature of your look. This is easily achieved by CREATIVITY, which is why I don’t really go with the basic and common folds, I always aim to recreate some new style with my pocket square which you can see below, these are known as “exquisite pocket square folds”.


Naked Three-Point Fold


I usually use this fold to give my attire that vibrant feel as this fold really does compliments to your suit. Perfect for formal occasions that aren’t work related.



  1. Lay your pocket square flat (For best result, iron-fold to create four small squares)
  2. Pick it up from the middle point
  3. Fold one end across with the lines created from the iron-fold but don’t let them meet evenly as you want to create  a rough three-point fold
  4. Once achieved, fold the bottom end outwards so it sits in front of the rough three-point fold

The final touches would be done once in the breast pocket. So don’t be too worried if it doesn’t turn out perfect after folding.


Rose Fold


This is one of the very fancy folds and one of my favourites out there. Not the easiest thing to do but really fulfilling once complete. It has that sexy feel to it and can just be as attractive as your cologne.



  1. Form a cylindrical hole with your hand(make sure the thumb and index finger are at the top) and place the pocket square on it
  2. Push down a hole with the index finger on your other hand
  3. Use that hand to twist the pocket square edges clock wise till you get your preferred look. Once it’s complete, make sure you gently grip the rose fold’s bottom to keep it in shape before placing it.

This might take you more than five tries before eventually succeeding.


The Detailed Rose Fold


If the previous fold was fancy, this is extravagant. Such fold can be the only accessory to your black suit and still make you stand out. That’s how much detail this adds to your attire.



    1. Continuing from the Rose fold, to avoid any disfiguration with the fold, you can hold it in place with a rubber-band to accommodate the second fold



  1. Lay your pocket square flat on the table
  2. Fold the bottom left edge upwards(similar to a two point fold) but make sure the two-pointed edges are further apart than usual
  3. Fold the ends inwards till they are inline with the pointed edges
  4. Squeeze the bottom tightly to lock it and then create a hole for the rose fold pocket square


Spiral Freestyle Fold


One of the easiest, yet complicated-looking folds out there. This very rich fold is pretty much achievable in less than 10 seconds!



  1. Lay your pocket square flat (For best result, iron-fold to create four small squares)
  2. Pick it up from the middle point and fold it inwards with the lines made by the iron-fold
  3. Twist the point clockwise to get a slight spiral look and then tuck it into your breast pocket



Most of these folds might need practice and you wont nail it at your first attempt so don’t be too bothered if that is the case. Also feel free to make most of your adjustments whilst the pocket square is in place as most times, that is when you perfect the art.

Your favourite stylist,
Yinka Jermaine

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