Three-Piece Suit? Yes its a must!


For many years, I’ve always asked myself why I needed a three-piece suit or why I should have that waistcoat within my suit. Wasn’t the suit smart enough? Obviously, that clearly showed how little effort I put into my appearance and how much I know about a timeless styled wardrobe.

In order to understand why on earth this is an issue I have struggled with, it is best to begin by elucidating on what the three-piece suit entails. A three-piece suit is just the suit jacket and trouser with the waistcoat…nothing more. In as much as it may sound somewhat basic, what it does to your appearance makes it definitely worth having. For those who want that stand out look in an event or business occasion, you need this. With most people dawning the two-piece suit, even if it perfectly fits and possesses the effects of a bespoke tailor’s work, the waistcoat still adds a bold statement to it. It shows that for whatever occasion it is, you have come to be own it. Its one of my favourite looks as a man.


In this article, I rocked a grey three-piece suit, topped up by the bold accessories(Burgundy polka dot tie with the white pocket square) which clearly showa statement of intent. The burgundy tie sits perfectly with the grey as it tames the bright colour in turn, the tie also wakes up the grey in the suit. As I always say, I am a sucker for outfit combinations. It is best to make the outfit complement itself rather than always having a stand-out piece to your attire, which ends up being the only part of your look that draws attention.  Therefore, the suit, blended with the white pocket square and shiny black Oxford shoes, completes the formal/corporate attire..ready for the office it is!


This suit was definitely not bought off the rack looking like this. Its been altered perfectly to fit my body which is a must with almost every off-the-rack suit’s. You need that sartorial elegance to your suit especially when wearing a three-piece suit as everything needs to sit right in place. I mean why wear  a three-piece suit without a good drape.


I wear my three-piece suit for work presentations or conferences as it gives me that standout look and improves my chances of being remembered. Furthermore, I use the three-piece for dinners or shows.

What I am wearing:



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Yinka Jermaine

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