warm season, warm colours

Warm Season, Warm Colour: Sharp Understated Look

The warm season is upon us which brings a lot of delight and excitement to people, especially my UK people as you’ll understand if you are from here. Its a time of freedom and endless trips, letting loose and absorbing the exuberant season. I have taken advantage of the season, letting it convey in my sartorial looks by using warm…

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Everyone Needs Something Gingham

As the end of the winter season draws to an end and the days become noticeably longer, the first signs of springtime are finally being ushered in. Although we no longer leave our homes when its dark, we still have to brace the cold. Thus, it makes sense to remain ahead of the curve with your sartorial wardrobe reflecting gearing…

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spring has sprung

Spring has Sprung

Style is an expression of your self and individuality. It is not about the labels on the clothes you are wearing, it has nothing to do with the brands ethos braced comfortably on your skin however it is all about the character which comes from within you that expresses the uniqueness you present to the world. Your personal style is…

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casual shawl lapel

Revise your Style: The Casual Shawl Lapel

In this post we will be focussing on the lack of bravery, deliberation and personality in menswear which leads to a less versatile wardrobe and which calls for an announcement to “revise your style”. The chosen item is a tailored pure wool shawl lapel which can offer a stylish and sophisticated touch to a casual outfit. To begin with, I…

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vivid spring

Vivid Spring: Out of the Ordinary Pairings

We are pretty much in vivid spring, longer and sunnier days, everyone thinking of the next outdoor event they’re off to; Possibly a new rooftop bar pre-opening event or something similar. With all these happening, we all know our outfits are one of the most important things, especially the fact spring allow us blend the best of both worlds –…

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casual three piece

Casual Approach to the Three Piece Suit Separates

The much anticipated spring/summer season is here, which happens to be the season were I get asked the most questions about “what to wear” to an event to stand out or give off a really cool effect. So I thought I better address this topic on here, giving you all an inspired theme and demonstrating how I achieved this. First…

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semblance of spring

Semblance of Spring

Spring is a really exciting season as it allows you evolve your layerings with bold and strong colours, which adds a summery spark to them. I am certainly disappointed to have missed out on London Fashion Week but I must say I am really impressed by the bright colours used in subtle and minimalistic ways. I am also intrigued by the…

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