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autumn weekender

Autumn Weekender: A Sharp Finish to a Weekend

A considerable number of people tend to lessen their sartorial creativity during Autumn season by reducing their colour palettes and adjusting to winter-safe tones . Such include the dark, muted and cold colours; something I am yet to get my head around as Autumn truly is the second spring of the year. A great time to explore colour pairings with…

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stand out subtle mix match

Stand Out in a Subtle Mix & Match

One of the most fundamental things in tailoring today, especially for those with a modern twist and lifestyle is to own a custom made jacket. One that is equally suitably paired with its bottom set or a different pair of trousers/jeans. This allows you to wear the piece in multiple ways and pair it with your many trouser option. Mainly…

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Aubergine and Mustard Yellow – Complementary Pairings With Ease

One of the greatest challenges men face when putting an outfit together is the ability to combine colours. Its still an unsolved mystery but I tend to believe many of us just don’t take deep interest into understanding or appreciating the amount of logistics required to dressing and building an expansive and versatile wardrobe. Most of us simply focus on…

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sartorial summer

Sartorial Summer: How to Stay Suited Through the Heat

To my dapper-infused gents, I am confident that you now understand how to remain stylish and tailored in the heat. Nonetheless, there is still one slight aspect that remains and needs addressing; ‘there are events and occasions with a sense of formality which still require a form of suiting.’ Although this holds to be true, we still encounter some difficulty…

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Summer Style Pattern

Style your Summer with Patterns

Its an impeccable feature of the British seasons that affords us the opportunity of an extended period of daylight in the summer months. With these additional ‘light’ hours in the day, it gets us in the mood for those one-time-a-year barbecues and festivals. Nonetheless, despite the unpredictable nature of the Great British weather, its heartening to know that with the…

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casual three piece

Casual Approach to the Three Piece Suit Separates

The much anticipated spring/summer season is here, which happens to be the season were I get asked the most questions about “what to wear” to an event to stand out or give off a really cool effect. So I thought I better address this topic on here, giving you all an inspired theme and demonstrating how I achieved this. First…

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