Winter Hats and Accessories Guide

The temperature is finally taking a turn for the worst; or for the layer lovers, a turn for the best! And when this happens we need to pay more attention to our accessories to stylishly wrap up our outfits. There are many accessories that can be worn for this season but I’ll run you through my favourite ones which bring…

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fall tonals

Fall Tonals

October is here and fall is in full swing! Ironically enough the sun is still shining (every now and then) on us here in London; rare, I know, but welcome to Britain. Sun still shining, northerners still able to flaunt their t-shirts and shorts and for people like us, still able to don our simple, yet colourful and durable seasonal…

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Black on Black – Maintain your style

In fashion, black on black affords your look a compelling persona that can easily make you the standout individual. When wearing black on black outfits, you instantly have that clash of two different perceptions such as modesty but with a strong peculiar feel. Contrary to what you might think, the aforementioned makes black a colour with deep character and liveliness as opposed to…

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autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves

Good Day People! Today’s article called “Autumn Leaves” focuses on the pride and beauty of the autumn season and how you can incorporate it’s style with your winter wardrobe. My outfit is a combination of a splash or rich colours, concentrated in one item being g paired with a monochrome outwear in the jacket and trousers. Not only does the…

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Going Formal with No Socks

Socks are the one thing we have all grown up to see as a compulsory part of your attire…no matter the style genre or occasion. Yes, they are used to absorb sweat and all that but they are also accessories. And by my understanding, accessories are nonessential desirable items, which means you can indeed “let go of the socks”. It is one of…

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