Double Breasted Suit

Double Breasted Suit: Extravagantly Business

The default suit style typically opted for, when dressing for business or a formal occasion is the two-button suit. However, seeing as there are no actual rules to what type of suits suitable for work why not take it a notch up and positively differentiate yourself from the rest, especially for a presentation favoured occasion like a presentation or an…

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graduation 2015

Graduation 2015: Suit The Occasion

It is that time of the year again… the moment you have been waiting for since you started university, also known as the time your parents have been counting down to since birth. That’s right Graduation season is fast approaching!  Graduation is a very special ceremony in most households and one that should be celebrated, not only for the obvious…

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The Casual Suit

Just like dogs, suits should be a man’s best friend. And this has nothing to do with the many clichés that fly about. For example, “a real man wears a suit” or “swag is for boys, class is for men“. In all honesty there is truth behind these sayings as only when you start appreciating the effects of being a sharp,…

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The Pinstripe Suit

After picking up a few plain suits for my work experience and wearing them till my suit craving resurged, I decided to go out on a quick shopping spree to pick up a different suit that I could use every now and again for work or other formal occasions. This was when I stumbled across this wool pinstripe suit from Next….

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How To Shop For Work

It is important you know how to shop for work. I’ve had many questions from people on the clothing essential needed for the start of a new job after graduation or for a year-long internship. I find this very interesting and welcoming as it was one thing I failed at when I started my internship programme and a clear evidence to this…

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Creating A New Timeless Wardrobe

  I’ve shuffled different types of wardrobes over the years and always struggled at being satisfied with the amount of clothes I own. By this, I mean being comfortable with my wardrobe regardless of any occasion or event I need to attend. I’ve intentionally used the word “satisfaction” as being a man in love with his style, I will always want…

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Guide To A Perfect Suit

I have seen a crazy amount of suits through the last year considering the fact I work in the city. From double-breasted to single button to double button suits that fit perfectly or are just as baggy as ever. I’ve also sat down and had long conversations with people on their suit and why they pay the least attention to…

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The Fedora On a Suit

Not until the start of 2013, I hadn’t paid much attention to adding headwear to my formal looks. I usually stuck with the common accessories which go from the neck downwards. I then came across the Fedora hat which was racing back into fashion after its 19th century prime, often worn by the gangsters, businessmen, and tv stars. I am a…

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Three-Piece Suit? Yes its a must!

For many years, I’ve always asked myself why I needed a three-piece suit or why I should have that waistcoat within my suit. Wasn’t the suit smart enough? Obviously, that clearly showed how little effort I put into my appearance and how much I know about a timeless styled wardrobe. In order to understand why on earth this is an…

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