vivid spring

Vivid Spring: Out of the Ordinary Pairings

We are pretty much in vivid spring, longer and sunnier days, everyone thinking of the next outdoor event they’re off to; Possibly a new rooftop bar pre-opening event or something similar. With all these happening, we all know our outfits are one of the most important things, especially the fact spring allow us blend the best of both worlds –…

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Brace the Cold in a Polo Coat

Evident from its name, the polo coat was originally a casual and loose fitted coat worn by polo players. Crafted from the finest camel hair cloth, it featured a belt without buttons for the purpose of it being a wrap on garment.Through the years, after leaving its land of origin, England it was explored by other countries and adopted by…

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Linen Overcoat

Linen Overcoat Episode 3: The Business Man

One thing that my last two posts have highlighted is that the linen overcoat is comfortably suited to out of office attire. However, you’ve consistently come across the word ‘versatility’ which leads to my post today. This overcoat is as suitable for work as it is for drinks or weekend getaways. And if you’re indeed looking for a new way…

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double breasted pairing

Double-Breasted Pairing: Tailored Dandy

As you can probably tell by now, a few of my favourite staple items are the Fedora, Sunglasses and Double breasted pieces. I believe they compliment my bodily features. The double breasted bodice extenuated my build, and the Fedora serves to rather flatteringly frame my face. The outfit is completed to perfection with a pair of sunglasses to bring that…

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semblance of spring

Semblance of Spring

Spring is a really exciting season as it allows you evolve your layerings with bold and strong colours, which adds a summery spark to them. I am certainly disappointed to have missed out on London Fashion Week but I must say I am really impressed by the bright colours used in subtle and minimalistic ways. I am also intrigued by¬†the…

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Dress Down Overcoat

Dress Down The Overcoat

Winter is my best season of the year for no other reason than the fact it allows you express your style in many ways, most especially through jackets and coats. In this season, many rules can be destroyed and it allows you get creative and daring by expressing your own personal style. The overcoat has become my new-found love as…

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