A Casual Trifecta

A casual trifecta

Rooftop bars, continental restaurants, sporting events, canal side parties, festivals and more. The summer is filled with many extravagant and glamorous events and you’ll need to look the part even in this hot weather. This is where the casual trifecta comes in, providing you with the basic steps to stay looking trendy.

Its easy to have multiple items to spark your outfit during the colder seasons as layering is a must. But in the summer, it is much more difficult as you tend to wear fewer clothing items and as a result have minimal layers. This leaves you in constant danger of looking too basic.

Casual Trifecta

Casual Trifecta

Casual Trifecta

A casual trifecta is about identifying three statement/ bold items to add to your outfit that can match the glamour of a special occasion through the summer.
I’ve chosen to add print trousers, bold red suspenders and a linen Newsboy hat to my outfit to complete this casual trifecta. It is still very light and comfortable in the heat but as presentable and stylish as you can get in the colder seasons.

Casual Trifecta

Casual Trifecta

Casual Trifecta

Always take this into consideration when needing to look the part for an event during the summer or in hot countries.

Your Favourite Stylist,
Yinka Jermaine



  • Igee Okafor says:

    Loved this outfit straight away after seeing a preview on instagram. I admire your use of the casual trifecta. The red suspenders, the printed trousers and the newsboy cap – Brilliant! The Alexander McQueen bracelet is also very eye catching. So many detail pieces which I usually have an issue with but you pulled this off very well. Congratulations!

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

    • Yinka Jermaine says:

      Thanks alot Igee for the kind words and really glad someone of your calibre likes this outfit. It was a risk that turned out brilliantly and should be highly valuable through the summer.

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