Yinka Jermaine

Sartorial Touch: Green and Blue Pairings

Blue, one of the most common colours in the spectrum of a man’s wardrobe is highly ubiquitous in sartorial staples and it also remains one of the ‘safest’ colour choices for all skin tones. Thus 70% of men have been seen to opt for navy blue suits when making their first purchase. For this reason, it is has become our…

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adjusting your lighter colours

Adjusting your Lighter Colours to the Season

For the typical gentleman, certain colours reflect seasonal trends. You tend to see more pastel colours worn during the summery/spring period and the darker/earthly tones throughout the winter and autumn season. Its a trend that has been intrinsic in fashion for a very long time, as it stems from us mirroring and reflecting our changing surroundings. We represent these changes…

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Summer Style Pattern

Style your Summer with Patterns

Its an impeccable feature of the British seasons that affords us the opportunity of an extended period of daylight in the summer months. With these additional ‘light’ hours in the day, it gets us in the mood for those one-time-a-year barbecues and festivals. Nonetheless, despite the unpredictable nature of the Great British weather, its heartening to know that with the…

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Summer Smart Casual

Ideal Summer Smart Casual

Smart Casual is a term used all too often. We mostly associate it with any outfit that is just a touch less formal than your typical business attire. It is often identified by a blazer over an oxford buttoned down shirt with chinos or jeans. Nevertheless, despite the cliche use of term branding all clothing just short of a suit,…

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gentle blue: relaxing your two piece suit

Gentle blues: Relaxing your Two Piece Suit

First thing to always remember is that with a suit, you have more outfits than you see in your wardrobe. You’ve just got to channel your inner creativity and realise you have a variety of ways to wear your two piece suit outside the office. So I thought I’d introduce one of my versatile Marquess London two-piece suits and demonstrate…

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MANGO X YinkaJermaine.com: Mango Man SS16 Collection

MANGO X YinkaJermaine.com: Mango Man SS16 Collection

Mango Man formerly known as H.E. By Mango is a brand that i’ve had a growing connection with, and the Mango Man SS16 collection has done nothing but strengthen it. Stronger focus on the outfit styles, fabric, outwear selections and designs all work complimentarily when styling the modern gentleman, without reaching too deep into your pockets. I’ve seen a growing…

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Houndstooth Pattern

Elevate your Style: Houndstooth pattern

As you know, the focus on the menswear fashion industry is relatively new compared to that of the female fashion industry. If we take a moment to reflect on the differences, you can tell that a crazy amount of risks and creativity has been put into the female industry that has created a vast amount of style variations, colours, combinations…

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stylishly gloomy in winter

Stylishly Gloomy in Winter

You normally get told that to elevate your look in the gloomy season of winter, you need bold and strong colours with a blend of dark and understated ones to appease the season. However, I think there is beauty behind the madness of pairing supposed dull colours to create a stylishly gloomy look in winter. Green, olive, grey and black…

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A casual trifecta

A Casual Trifecta

Rooftop bars, continental restaurants, sporting events, canal side parties, festivals and more. The summer is filled with many extravagant and glamorous events and you’ll need to look the part even in this hot weather. This is where the casual trifecta comes in, providing you with the basic steps to stay looking trendy. Its easy to have multiple items to spark…

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tote holdall vivienne westwood


The tote/ holdall bag is a relatively new addition to menswear fashion and it is one that a few men still find unmanly. However, they are grossly misunderstood! The tote is one of the most fashionable and comfortable bags a man could possible carry as it is highly spacious and strongly complements any outfit due to its size and shape….

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