Sporting the Unstructured blazer

The unstructured blazer has become one of my favourite items in a man’s wardrobe for many reasons and I believe these reasons are what should make it a wardrobe staple. The unstructured blazer can be bought off the rack without the fear of fitting issues which is obvious from its name. It is also a very relaxed and comfortable jacket…

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Double-Breasted Blazer: Mandatory Addition To Your Wardrobe

One of my favourite items in a stylish man’s wardrobe is a Double-Breasted Blazer because of the level at which it enhances your appearance. It’s an enchanting item with a lot of tradition to it, making it a quintessential men’s style example.  I must confess, one reason I love England is the fact you get the opportunity to wear jackets almost…

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Light Blue Blazer? Why Not

In all honesty,it’s definitely not an easy decision to make when considering the main questions you ask yourself before shopping investment shopping. I will recall those questions again in which you can reference to this post How many ways can I wear this? Does this adhere with my style or can it make it into my wardrobe? How long can…

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Casually White

The White Blazer is one of my versatile blazers. It’s a no-no for so many and I’ll like to show you why it should be a definite yes for everyman, regardless of your skin-tone! White blazers are perfect for any season, they can be worn in summer to embrace the season or even during fall to light up the dull and…

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