Etiquettal Attributes of a Modern Gentleman

Etiquettal Attributes of a Modern Gentleman

A modern gentleman far surpasses the physical realm your appearance demands. Just being a well dressed man without the refinery truly wont make you a modern gentleman, instead you are nothing more than “a well dressed man”.

A modern gentleman should be an embodiment of quintessence; dapper in appearance, courteous in conduct and calculated in character.

Prior to this post, there has been a strong focus on appearance but its time to give a bit of advice/guidelines on the other aspects which are of equal importance to truly becoming a modern gentleman. This post will serve as an introduction and first of many posts, aimed at detailing the key gentlemanly attributes that we should strive to meet.

First thing I would like to note that probably applies to most men: Gritty manliness can and works really well with a true gentlemanly demeanour. I would even extend as far as saying they appeal directly to each other.

I must also point out that manners/ etiquettes/ code of conduct (what ever you prefer) change from time to time and differ regarding culture/lifestyle but there are key fundamental principles that are universally generalisable. These are the general introductory points to smoothly ease you into the etiquette game!

  1. It’s important to understand that manners should come off very natural and not a replication of someone else or trying to be something you aren’t. You do not need to create an unrealistic formal personality, that instead of achieving your aim, you give off an awkward/laughable personality. Be you and your nature and charm will do the rest.
  2. Now some people actually have poor natural manners/personality and to alter this or perfect your already charming character, you may want to apply these main key points:
    • Your focus should never truly be all about you but try focusing on the comfort of others.
    • Adapt your character to whatever environment you are in
    • This can never come easy so keep trying till it becomes “natural”
    • Make sure it becomes natural from within as much as it it’s from an outer perspective.
  3.  Never exercise good etiquette to call for attention or feel better than your peers/colleagues. Let it be who you are regardless of the people around you.

It’s important to note that such etiquette really does elevate a gentleman’s self-confidence, it creates a positive and happy environment, generates a more vibrant feel to activities and most importantly – it commands respect.

Your Favourite Stylist,
Yinka Jermaine

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