gold in the dirt

Gentleman Defined: Aim For The Gold in The Dirt

The modern gentleman should not be solely defined by the clothes he wears. For this reason, I continuously point out to all of you, especially to those of you who know me personally that one of the key things about my style goes beyond clothes. The clothes you wear should be a reflection of your culture, persona as well as…

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Sartorial Touch: Blue Oceans

A gentleman should never fail to seize the opportunity to make an impression with his outfit. This is what we consider the true meaning of making “first impressions count”. In some situations, for instance, when making a speech or seeking positions in a selective group or even entry into certain locations, your appearance heavily influences your approach as well as…

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fall tonals

Fall Tonals

October is here and fall is in full swing! Ironically enough the sun is still shining (every now and then) on us here in London; rare, I know, but welcome to Britain. Sun still shining, northerners still able to flaunt their t-shirts and shorts and for people like us, still able to don our simple, yet colourful and durable seasonal…

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