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late summer getaway

Late Summer Getaway

I get a lot of queries from readers, friends and clients on assembling a summer suiting outfit. Especially those suitable for summer getaways to cooler countries, once the traditional British weather kicks in. Often, the conversation begins with understanding their sartorial needs whilst on holiday. To which most reply with – casual evening dinners or smart beach events etc. With…

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casual tailoring

Casual Tailoring: How Casual Can We get?

To reinstate, a tailored man does not always equate to a man in a white-collar job. Even for those professionals, tailoring is not only confined to office wear. Tailoring can be exploited in various outfits surpassing/exceeding office wear and work activities. Thus, this prompts the questions, how far can you really go with tailoring? how suitable is tailoring for casual…

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casual shawl lapel

Revise your Style: The Casual Shawl Lapel

In this post we will be focussing on the lack of bravery, deliberation and personality in menswear which leads to a less versatile wardrobe and which calls for an announcement to “revise your style”. The chosen item is a tailored pure wool shawl lapel which can offer a stylish and sophisticated touch to a casual outfit. To begin with, I…

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stylishly gloomy in winter

Stylishly Gloomy in Winter

You normally get told that to elevate your look in the gloomy season of winter, you need bold and strong colours with a blend of dark and understated ones to appease the season. However, I think there is beauty behind the madness of pairing supposed dull colours to create a stylishly gloomy look in winter. Green, olive, grey and black…

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