Hello Summer, Hello Linens

Gentlemen, summer is pretty much here! This calls for large-scale change of  both style and texture of our outfits. For those gentlemen who are highly suit-focused and spend the majority of your days in tailored outfits you might be used to this season’s struggle; from removing jackets to unknotting ties. Although this look could work, we could sometimes end up looking…

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Linen Overcoat

Linen Overcoat Episode 3: The Business Man

One thing that my last two posts have highlighted is that the linen overcoat is comfortably suited to out of office attire. However, you’ve consistently come across the word ‘versatility’ which leads to my post today. This overcoat is as suitable for work as it is for drinks or weekend getaways. And if you’re indeed looking for a new way…

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linen overcoat

Linen Overcoat Episode 2: Weekend Smart Casual

I always stress the importance of having an adaptable wardrobe pinned with versatile and staple items as it magically quadruples your clothing options. This Linen overcoat is a perfect example of a versatile and unorthodox staple item to your wardrobe that gives you the option of easily crafting an outfit for diverse events. This is due to its fit, timelessness,…

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