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lagos with style

Lagos with Style

Style goes far beyond the outfits worn by you. It is a reflection of the stern influence of your culture, lifestyle, comfort, aspirations, views etc. It is one of the key factors that shows the difference between fashion as it remains intertwined with your outfit choices through your lifetime with only slight tweaks and minor incorporations of trends etc. A…

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London to Las Vegas

London To Las Vegas

Holidays are a big thing to me and something I do indeed look forward to every year. I’ve visited a number of places around the world and certainly many states across the United States of America. And for a full packaged holiday, nothing eclipses the states, not the mention Las Vegas. It is known as the fast life city and…

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Miracle Garden: Subtle Elegance

Prior to arriving in Dubai, I believed it was pretty much all about the amazing architectures, luxurious buildings and cars and the desert safaris, until I came across the worlds biggest garden¬†known as the miracle gardens. I must admit, I was both perplexed about the concept and construction behind the beauty that it is but also astounded by the colours…

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