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Sartorial Touch: Green and Blue Pairings

Blue, one of the most common colours in the spectrum of a man’s wardrobe is highly ubiquitous in sartorial staples and it also remains one of the ‘safest’ colour choices for all skin tones. Thus 70% of men have been seen to opt for navy blue suits when making their first purchase. For this reason, it is has become our…

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lazy blues

Lazy Blues: Alternative Look to a Three Piece Suit.

Within menswear, there are certain staples a man must have in his wardrobe. One being a classic Tuxedo and another being a three piece suit. Both suitable for formal settings which a modern man experiences at least twice in a year. Focusing on a custom tailored three piece business suit, it is a look that gives the feel of a…

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Revise Your Style: Creative Black Tie

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the dress code “black tie” but many don’t really understand what it means beyond its formal connotations and its association with tuxedos and utmost formality. Kudos to those who are able to note that some of the pointers I’ve just stated are wrong about the dress code “black tie”, and I’ll give…

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adjusting your lighter colours

Adjusting your Lighter Colours to the Season

For the typical gentleman, certain colours reflect seasonal trends. You tend to see more pastel colours worn during the summery/spring period and the darker/earthly tones throughout the winter and autumn season. Its a trend that has been intrinsic in fashion for a very long time, as it stems from us mirroring and reflecting our changing surroundings. We represent these changes…

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casual tailoring

Casual Tailoring: How Casual Can We get?

To reinstate, a tailored man does not always equate to a man in a white-collar job. Even for those professionals, tailoring is not only confined to office wear. Tailoring can be exploited in various outfits surpassing/exceeding office wear and work activities. Thus, this prompts the questions, how far can you really go with tailoring? how suitable is tailoring for casual…

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Sartorial Touch: Blue Oceans

A gentleman should never fail to seize the opportunity to make an impression with his outfit. This is what we consider the true meaning of making “first impressions count”. In some situations, for instance, when making a speech or seeking positions in a selective group or even entry into certain locations, your appearance heavily influences your approach as well as…

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sartorial summer

Sartorial Summer: How to Stay Suited Through the Heat

To my dapper-infused gents, I am confident that you now understand how to remain stylish and tailored in the heat. Nonetheless, there is still one slight aspect that remains and needs addressing; ‘there are events and occasions with a sense of formality which still require a form of suiting.’ Although this holds to be true, we still encounter some difficulty…

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Hello Summer, Hello Linens

Gentlemen, summer is pretty much here! This calls for large-scale change of  both style and texture of our outfits. For those gentlemen who are highly suit-focused and spend the majority of your days in tailored outfits you might be used to this season’s struggle; from removing jackets to unknotting ties. Although this look could work, we could sometimes end up looking…

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spring has sprung

Spring has Sprung

Style is an expression of your self and individuality. It is not about the labels on the clothes you are wearing, it has nothing to do with the brands ethos braced comfortably on your skin however it is all about the character which comes from within you that expresses the uniqueness you present to the world. Your personal style is…

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Tailored Closet: Hand Pick Stitch

Since the introduction of my tailoring lifestyle brand – a brand which one of its main aims is to assist and nurture a younger generation through the navigation of the tailoring industry as well as flourish their appreciation of the fine and impeccable art of the industry in a contemporary manner; I remain inspired to use my platform as an…

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