This Category provides you with an extensive research on men style and how to create and own your own personal style, suiting your fit.
Highly detailed articles ranging from suits to accessories and general style tips.

Creating A New Timeless Wardrobe

  I’ve shuffled different types of wardrobes over the years and always struggled at being satisfied with the amount of clothes I own. By this, I mean being comfortable with my wardrobe regardless of any occasion or event I need to attend. I’ve intentionally used the word “satisfaction” as being a man in love with his style, I will always want…

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Light Blue Blazer? Why Not

In all honesty,it’s definitely not an easy decision to make when considering the main questions you ask yourself before shopping investment shopping. I will recall those questions again in which you can reference to this post How many ways can I wear this? Does this adhere with my style or can it make it into my wardrobe? How long can…

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The Logic Behind My Brand Category Decisions

To begin with, I will define what I mean by price points and the simple logic behind categorising brands(Brand Category) under three main price points. Price points are the suggested retail prices placed on merchandises/products by the fashion brand. These prices allow the demand for the certain product to stay high so the more the products produced or available to the…

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Casually White

The White Blazer is one of my versatile blazers. It’s a no-no for so many and I’ll like to show you why it should be a definite yes for everyman, regardless of your skin-tone! White blazers are perfect for any season, they can be worn in summer to embrace the season or even during fall to light up the dull and…

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Uptown Denim

One thing the every man has in his wardrobe are a pair of denim jeans. But that’s probably all the denim he has going, and that really is a massive mistake as denim is a perfect example of timeless style. You should have as much denim as you can, jeans, trousers, jackets, shorts. But one true menswear essential is the denim…

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Long Day At The Park

Wireless 2014 – 12 hour event. I’m pretty sure most people know about Wireless as well as the English weather. I must say, the two don’t go well together considering the length of the event and UK’s unpredictable weather, it’s just a massive pain knowing exactly what to wear to such. In all honesty, there isn’t a definite look or…

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Guide To A Perfect Suit

I have seen a crazy amount of suits through the last year considering the fact I work in the city. From double-breasted to single button to double button suits that fit perfectly or are just as baggy as ever. I’ve also sat down and had long conversations with people on their suit and why they pay the least attention to…

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The Fedora On a Suit

Not until the start of 2013, I hadn’t paid much attention to adding headwear to my formal looks. I usually stuck with the common accessories which go from the neck downwards. I then came across the Fedora hat which was racing back into fashion after its 19th century prime, often worn by the gangsters, businessmen, and tv stars. I am a…

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Exquisite Pocket Square Folds

“Small But Mighty” –  The best way to describe pocket squares. The reason for this is cause of the small area it takes up in your look and the major impact it can give to that look. The pocket square on its own can take your outfit from a decent rating to perfection, especially when it blends and sits well. That…

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Three-Piece Suit? Yes its a must!

For many years, I’ve always asked myself why I needed a three-piece suit or why I should have that waistcoat within my suit. Wasn’t the suit smart enough? Obviously, that clearly showed how little effort I put into my appearance and how much I know about a timeless styled wardrobe. In order to understand why on earth this is an…

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